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Sodium/glutamate symport carrier protein D-serine/D- alanine/glycine transporter Proton glutamate symport protein D-serine/D- alanine/glycine transporter essential cell division protein FtsW; lipid II flippase lipid II flippase Glucose-6- phosphate isomerase Glucosamine-- fructose-6- phosphate aminotransferase [isomerizing] Phosphoglucosamine mutase Bifunctional protein glmU Bifunctional protein glmU UDP-N- acetylglucosamine 1- carboxyvinyltransferase UDP-N- acetylenolpyruvoylglucosamine reductase UDP-N- acetylmuramate- -L-alanine ligase UDP-N- acetylmuramoylalanine- -D-glutamate ligase UDP-N- acetylmuramoyl- L-alanyl-D- glutamate-- 2,6- diaminopimelate ligase UDP-N- acetylmuramoyl- tripeptide-- D-alanyl-D- alanine ligase Phospho-N- acetylmuramoyl- pentapeptide- transferase D-alanine--D- alanine ligase B D-alanine--D- alanine ligase A Glutamate racemase UDP-N- acetylglucosamine- -N- acetylmuramyl- (pentapeptide) pyrophosphoryl- undecaprenol N- acetylglucosamine transferase Phosphocarrier protein HPr Phosphocarrier protein HPr Mannose permease IID component Mannose permease IIC component PTS system mannose- specific EIIAB component β-D- fructofuranose 6-phosphate L-Glutamic acid L-Glutamic acid Na+ Na+ L-Alanine L-Alanine H+ H+ H+ H+ L-Glutamic acid D-Alanine D-Alanine H+ H+ ditrans,octacis- undecaprenyldiphospho- N-acetyl-(N- acetylglucosaminyl)muramoyl- L-alanyl-γ-D- glutamyl- meso-2,6- diaminopimeloyl- D-alanyl-D- alanine ditrans,octacis- undecaprenyldiphospho- N-acetyl-(N- acetylglucosaminyl)muramoyl- L-alanyl-γ-D- glutamyl- meso-2,6- diaminopimeloyl- D-alanyl-D- alanine β-D-Glucose 6-phosphate L-Glutamine Glucosamine 6-phosphate L-Glutamic acid Glucosamine-1P Acetyl-CoA N-Acetyl- glucosamine 1-phosphate CoA H+ Uridine triphosphate H+ Uridine diphosphate- N- acetylglucosamine PPi Phosphoenolpyruvic acid Pi UDP-N-acetyl- α-D- glucosamine- enolpyruvate NADPH Hydrogen ion NADP UDP-N-acetyl- α-D-muramate ATP ADP Pi H+ UDP-N- acetylmuramoyl- L-alanine ATP D-Glutamic acid ADP Pi UDP-N- acetylmuramoyl- L-alanyl-D- glutamate meso- diaminopimelate ATP ADP Pi H+ UDP-N- Acetylmuramoyl- L-alanyl-D-γ- glutamyl- meso-2,6- diaminopimelate D-Alanyl-D- alanine ATP ADP Pi H+ UDP-N-acetyl- α-D-muramoyl- L-alanyl-γ-D- glutamyl- meso-2,6- diaminopimeloyl- D-alanyl-D- alanine di- trans,octa- cis- undecaprenyl phosphate Uridine 5'- monophosphate Undecaprenyl- diphospho-N- acetylmuramoyl- L-alanyl-D- glutamyl- meso-2,6- diaminopimeloyl- D-alanyl-D- alanine ATP ADP Pi Undecaprenyl diphosphate H+ D-Alanine Uridine diphosphate- N- acetylglucosamine Uridine 5'-diphosphate H+ β-D- fructofuranose Magnesium Manganese Penicillin- binding protein 1B Penicillin- binding protein 1C a peptidoglycan dimer (meso- diaminopimelate containing) a peptidoglycan with D,D cross-links (meso- diaminopimelate containing) Glycolysis and Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Penicillin- binding protein 1A biosynthetic peptidoglycan transglycosylase Penicillin- binding protein 1A Penicillin- binding protein 2 Peptidoglycan synthase ftsI Penicillin- binding protein 1B Calcium Cobalt Manganese