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AMP deaminase 5′-nucleotidase ribonucleoside hydrolase xanthine dehydrogenase xanthine dehydrogenase AMP H+ H2O Inosinic acid Ammonium H2O Inosine Pi H2O Hypoxanthine D-ribofuranose NAD H2O Xanthine NADH H+ NAD H2O Uric acid NADH H+ FAD molybdenum cofactor (Moco) FAD molybdenum cofactor (Moco) Cytosol
AMPD ? NSH1 XDH1 XDH1 Adenosine monophosphate Hydrogen Ion Water Inosinic acid Ammonium Water Inosine Phosphate Water Hypoxanthine D-ribofuranose NAD Water Xanthine NADH Hydrogen Ion NAD Water Uric acid NADH Hydrogen Ion
AMPD ? NSH1 XDH1 XDH1 AMP H+ H2O Imp Ammon H2O Inosine Pi H2O Hyp DRF NAD H2O Xanthin NADH H+ NAD H2O Urate NADH H+ FAD molybde FAD molybde Cytosol