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β-D-Glucose PTS system N- acetylglucosamine- specific EIICBA component Glycogen synthase Glycogen debranching enzyme Periplasmic trehalase Glucokinase 1,4-alpha- glucan branching enzyme GlgB Periplasmic trehalase Alpha-1,4 glucan phosphorylase Unknown β-D-Glucose ADP-glucose Amylose Amylose ADP Glycogen α,α-trehalose H2O α-D-Glucose ATP Hydrogen ion ADP β-D-Glucose 6-phosphate α,α-trehalose H2O α-D-Glucose α-D-glucose- 1-phosphate Pi ATP PPi Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate Magnesium Fructose 1,6- bisphosphate Uncharacterized protein
β-D-Glucose nagE glgA glgX_2 treA glk glgB treA ACG06_15785 Unknown β-D-Glucose ADP-glucose Amylose Amylose Adenosine diphosphate Glycogen α,α-trehalose Water α-D-Glucose Adenosine triphosphate Hydrogen ion Adenosine diphosphate β-D-Glucose 6-phosphate α,α-trehalose Water α-D-Glucose α-D-glucose- 1-phosphate Phosphate Adenosine triphosphate Pyrophosphate M770_23525
Glu nagE glgA glgX_2 treA glk glgB treA ACG06_15785 Glu ADP-Glu Amylose Amylose ADP Glycogn ααT H2O a-D-Glc ATP HI ADP BDGlu6P ααT H2O a-D-Glc aD-g1P Pi ATP PPi Pyr-5'P Mg2+ Fru1,6P M770_23525