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Glycerol-3- phosphate O- acyltransferase 2 Glycerol-3- phosphate O- acyltransferase 1 Acyl- CoA:lyso- phospholipid acyltransferase Lipase 4 Probable 1-acyl-sn- glycerol-3- phosphate acyltransferase Lipase 5 Lysophosphatidic acid:oleoyl-CoA acyltransferase 1 Phosphatidic acid phosphohydrolase 1 CTP-dependent diacylglycerol kinase 1 Diacylglycerol O- acyltransferase 1 Sterol esterase TGL1 Lipase 2 Lipase 3 Lipase 4 Lipase 5 Lipase 3 Monoglyceride lipase Stearoyl-CoA Glycerol 3-phosphate CoA LysoPA(18:0/0:0) Stearoyl-CoA PA(18:0/18:0) CoA H2O DG(18:0/18:0/0:0) Pi Cytidine triphosphate H+ CDP Eicosanoyl-CoA CoA TG(18:0/18:0/20:0) H2O H+ Arachidic acid DG(18:0/18:0/0:0) H2O H+ MG(16:0/0:0/0:0) Stearic acid H2O Stearic acid H+ Glycerol Endoplasmic Reticulum
Endoplasmic Reticulum GTP2 SCT1 ALE1 TGL4 SLC1 TGL5 LOA1 PAH1 DGK1 DGA1 TGL1 TGL2 TGL3 TGL4 TGL5 TGL3 YJU3 Stearoyl-CoA Glycerol 3-phosphate Coenzyme A LysoPA(18:0/0:0) Stearoyl-CoA PA(18:0/18:0) Coenzyme A Water DG(18:0/18:0/0:0) Phosphate Cytidine triphosphate Hydrogen Ion CDP Eicosanoyl-CoA Coenzyme A TG(18:0/18:0/20:0) Water Hydrogen Ion Arachidic acid DG(18:0/18:0/0:0) Water Hydrogen Ion MG(16:0/0:0/0:0) Stearic acid Water Stearic acid Hydrogen Ion Glycerol
GTP2 SCT1 ALE1 TGL4 SLC1 TGL5 LOA1 PAH1 DGK1 DGA1 TGL1 TGL2 TGL3 TGL4 TGL5 TGL3 YJU3 COA18:0 Glyc1P CoA LPA18:0 COA18:0 DISTEAR CoA H2O DG36:0 Pi CTP H+ CDP Eicosan CoA TG H2O H+ Arachat DG36:0 H2O H+ MG1600 18:0 H2O 18:0 H+ Ifp Endoplasmic Reticulum